We have found 8 acres of land on the north coast, just outside Portrush. Our aim is to turn this into a non-profit conservation and education centre that will be open to the public as a fantastic family day out for both visitors and local residents to enjoy.
The animals will be given new homes here: spacious, naturalistic habitats to explore and feel safe in, with no bars of cages in sight. For an interactive experience, as you visit you will be immersed in the world of nature - you will visit the woodlands of North America and spot raccoons, opossums, skunks and porcupines as you walk through the forest trail. In the jungles of South America you will see our marmosets, armadillos, macaws, kinkajous and capybara living as naturally as they would in the wild. In our African Savanah section you will find cheeky meerkats, giant tortoises, and adorable fennec foxes. And if you visit our Asian section you will meet our group of tanuki, watch otters playing in their lake, and maybe you'll get to find out if binturong really do smell like popcorn. 
By getting the chance to see these incredible animals up close, we hope you will fall in love with them. As humans, we want to save what we love - and the natural world needs saving more than ever right now. We want to help equip the next generation with the passion, knowledge and opportunities to care for nature. 
Tales of the Wild will be completely non-profit. All proceeds not used for caring for the animals or providing rescue/rehabilitation for exotic animals and native wildlife, will be used for conservation projects both locally and globally.
We need to raise £250,000 to build our conservation centre. We hope you will come with us on this journey, just as Cloud Corp has, to help this become a reality. 
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